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What does AllSafeVPN do?

AllSafeVPN provides you a secure and encrypted tunnel for online traffic. No one can see through the tunnel and get their hands on your internet data. AllSafeVPN is optimized for when you use a public Wi-Fi network, do online transactions, play online games. Securely access your personal information or work files, encrypt your Internet connection and keep your browsing history private. Buy AllSafeVPN to hide your IP address and gain online privacy and security.

Connect to the Nearest Server to reduce VPN latency.

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Connect to the Nearest Server to reduce VPN latency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer instant activation if you use credit card, the order is Active when the status is Processing.

Why should I use AllSafeVPN Servers?

  1. Connecting to our servers, we keep your privacy safe.

  2. With our service, users can choose the country of their servers.

  3. Keep your gaming and business 100% safe.

  4. Protect your network from DDoS Attacks.


There are a few reasons for this message to appears:

  1. Wait 1 minute and try again.

  2. Make sure that you disconnect from the previous one if you want to change location.

  3. Your plan is expired.

  4. Your password has been changed.

  5. You use more connections (devices) than your plan permits.

  6. If the payment is not set to Processing means the plan is not active.

  7. Make sure you are using the correct username (not the email) and password related to your account.

  • If none of these reasons are true in your case contact our support team via livechat or tickets and we will get back to you as soon as possible

How does my subscription work?

  • When you place an order an automatic subscription starts and all steps are automated via email to you.

  • If you use direct Credit or Debit card by Stripe secure payment the renew is automatic if you have money on your card.

  • All other payment methods are manual on Renewal Order.

Can I test the servers for FREE?

Yes, Install our dedicated app for Window or Linux and straight connect to:


How much do I have to wait after I pay for a Plan?

  • We offer instant activation on all Shared Servers Plans if you use Stripe Payment Gateway or Bitcoin. The order is Active when set to Processing.

  • If you pay using PayPal or Skrill the plan needs our manual approval, usually it takes from 2 to 24 hours.

  • Make sure you download our App and install it.

  • Connect with your AllSafeVPN username (not the email) and password.

Can I change my username?

  • No, once you create an account the username is unique.

  • You can change email or password if you wish from “Edit Details” in Dashboard.

I can't login or lost my password, how do I change it?

You can easily change your password the process is automatic.

  1. Logout in case you are Logged In.

  2. Put your email here and send the request.

  3. Check your email box, we send you the reset link.

  4. Copy and paste the reset link on your browser (don’t worry if you get 503 error).

  5. Check your email box again and you see an email with your new login password.

  • If you do not see email from us check your spam box.

Do you offer refund?

No, we don’t offer refund since you can test the service for free before to buy.

Can I run my own VPN Server?

  • Yes, you can get a private server on your favorite location.

  • If you need to run your own service you can order a Private Panel:

  1. Path Plan

  2. Cloudflare Plan

  3. OVH Plan

Can I receive DDoS notifications?

Yes, we offer DDoS notifications except for Path servers because they don’t allow these notifications.

Open a ticket and send us your Discord webhook URL where you want to receive attack alerts. (Private servers only)

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